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West Texas Tumblers & Tees



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Blue Hawaiian (Neon pink with glitter accents) - A fantastic blend of pineapples, blueberries, and coconut.

Hawaiian Tropic (Neon orange with glitter accents) - Banana pineapple guava passion fruit coconut grapefruit

🌈 freshies are perfect to hang in your rearview mirror in your car or any small places like lockers or closets! 🌈

❀ some scents are stronger then others. scents last up to 4 weeks! Keep in mind you can go noseblind to scents that you smell frequently making it seem like they arent lasting as long. ❀

🧑 your freshie will be strung on a twine string🧑

- only take your freshie out of the packaging when you're ready to hang
- keep out of reach of children/pets
- may melt in extreme temperatures
- when temps are high ~ hang on turn signal when parked in direct sunlight

πŸ’™- we are NOT responsible for damage or replacement due to misuseπŸ’™

Handmade with Love

Custom orders available

Thank you so much for supporting my small business!

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